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Aristo Mig 4004i Pulse

Wire feed unit is a separately preferred 400 amp, inverter gas arc welding power unit.

​ ​

  • It is light. It is more powerful and its efficiency is higher.

  • Professional electrode welding can be done with the A44 control panel.

  • In A44 (Cc/Cv) models, MobileFeed also supports gas metal arc welding with wire feeding.

  • In this way, it provides the opportunity to work without the need for a control cable.

  • With its tolerance against changes in mains voltage, it withstands the most difficult conditions.

  • Compared to conventional machines, it is 70% smaller and 80% lighter. Only 30W power is sufficient for idle operation. Fully compliant with RoHS standards.

  • Depending on the control panel to be used with the power unit, Synergic + Pulse or Synergic + SuperPulse features can be used.

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