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Warrior Mig 500i

Warrior is a new generation welding machine that can be used with welding methods such as gas metal arc, electrode, LiveTig, carbon grooving. Warrior provides the excellent arc performance and energy savings expected of an inverter machine.

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  • With its easy-to-use panel, process selections can be adjusted with just one button.

  • With the LED indicators on the panel, the welding parameters can be seen even under sunlight.

  • With the Warrior power unit, 1.6-5.0mm diameter rutile, basic, cellulosic electrodes or 6-8mm diameter carbon gouging electrodes can be used.

  • Suitable for 0.9 - 2.4mm diameter welding wires.

  • Thanks to its high uptime rate, it allows you to work non-stop all day.

  • Welding parameters can be followed instantly with the digital indicators on the wire feeder.

  • Depending on the welding wire used, solid or cored wire can be selected.

  • Inductance can be adjusted steplessly and precisely via the power unit.

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