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RM2 product line; saglam design provides perfect adaptability to different welding applications and cost-effective 0531 a complete module-cf58d_0594 module. bb3b-136bad5cf58d_It offers the highest level of functionality and performance while providing reliable operation and convenient maintenance. It provides a unique advantage to the user thanks to its collision-resistant TCP, which completely eliminates the need for re-adjustment of the torch.

Warrior Mig 500i


  • With its easy-to-use panel, process selections can be adjusted with just one button. 

  • Welding parameters can be seen even under sunlight with the led indicators on the panel. 

  • With the Warrior power unit, 1.6-5.0mm diameter rutile, basic, cellulosic electrodes or 6-8mm diameter carbon gouging electrodes can be used. 

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