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  • It offers gentle and effective cleaning for almost all robot welding torches.

  • Suitable even for heavy burr adhesion.

  • Precise clamping of the gas nozzle secures the torch in place during the cleaning process

  • By direct spraying of the anti-splash agent, it reduces the adhesion of welding burrs and extends the service intervals.

  • Clamping and cutting by gripping ensures precise cutting quality and ensures stable TCP measurement as well as optimum arc welding.

  • Thanks to the robust design, it has a long service life.

  • Precise cable length for touch detection


The TBi JetStream brings a completely new approach to fully automated torch cleaning to the production environment. The inside and outside of the torch head are thoroughly cleaned with air driven abrasive sand. One of the main advantages of this process is that it is completely independent of the geometry of the nozzle. The gas nozzle, contact tip, tip holder and gas diffuser can be cleaned without large forces on the torch. It increases the efficiency of the robot cell by completely eliminating the periodic manual cleaning process that is customary today. The cleaning station works in perfect harmony with Tandem torches.

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